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[proteins in pharmaceutical industry production]Original title: Guide China does not accept “foreign garbage” Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The beauty should be based on its own digestive waste. Restrict import reusable products to seriously interfere with the global waste materials supply chain=▼▼, which is not conducive to waste materials reuse and handling. The United States believes that China has changed the rules of China to make relevant industries to adjust in time, and seem to be violated the WTO obligations□☆-•, distinguishabate the domestic and foreign garbage industry and adopt excessive trade restrictions. The US requires China to immediately stop implementing relevant measures•■. Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Huat Chunying said at today (26th), said the so-called concern of the expression of officials in the US officials, in love□=, omnision, and no la.

(Shencheng Scenic Line) A cup “I cant forget” “Memory Coffee-▲○” China New News Hospital Shanghai May 28th Suggestion▼◁◆: A cup “I cant forget” ▪▪”Memory Coffee” China News Service, Li Yusheng If I have●◆◇•, Ill take it. Iron, please dont see it•◁; if you have some small cups, but come to a big cup, please bear with me. In Shanghai Pudong, there is a “memory café”. The clerk may make your coffee, but it will not forget to have a guest of every stationery: “Welcome”. This is the first cafe for Chinas first immersion intervention experience for cognitive old people. The elderly working in this cafe is a high-risk crowd of cognitive disorders or suffering from mild cognitive disorders. Here, they are kind to ★▷▷△.

Original title: China “Ocean Garbage” ban implements the month of US waste, Chengshan officials, requested to revoke September 9●○•, 2011, in the Jiaojiang Port of Taizhou◇=, Zhejiang Province☆☆, and a worker keeps the hill-like “foreign garbage”. Image Source: Visual China, in July last year•■, the Chinese government announced that in order to solve domestic pollution problems, it will ban 24 …-◁◇”foreign garbage” from foreign countries since January 2018. At the 23rd, at the 23rd, at Geneva▲•▷○, the US representative requested China to cancel this ban. “We demand that China immediately stops implementing and modifying these measures, complying with global waste trade standards●○▪○, which is transparent□□★, commodity recycling trade, which is conducive to the environment△◁●, provides a global framework … Chinas import restrictions on recyclable goods lead to global was.

China News Agency, on May 27•◆◁, China The ICAO Council on May 27th on its special session of the Navigation of Irish Ruian Airlines in Belarus•-, in Belarus, and decided to start the fact investigation•▲☆▪. The International Civil Aviation Council believes that the Ruian Airlines FR4978 flights from the commercial flights were obviously forced to change the change in the Belarus airspace on May 23. The Council emphasizes the fact that the facts that have occurred must be identified whether there is an international civil aviation organization member states in violation of the International Civil Aviation Convention (Chicago Convention) and its accessories◁=★▪. The Council decided to initiate the fact that this incide•▼☆•.

Original title: Chinas annual express quantity US + Japan + EU summit□•! This sorting picture, the world is shocked. In todays fifth “ministerial channel”, the Director Ma Junsheng■△, director of the State Post Bureau, pointed out that China Express entered the fast-growing trail•▽○, reaching 40 billion in the year□-○▼, from the US, Japan, the EU added more•▪, accounting for The world is more than 40% of the market share●=▪□. Up to now△▽◇◁, rural express coverage reached 87%, nearly 600 million farmers enjoy online shopping services. Is there a strong market behind this strong market★○▪? The reporter explored the smart unmanned warehouse. This picture is a sci-fi blockbuster ↓↓ in the Shanghai Jiading District▼…☆, the worlds first full process smart unmanned warehouse is carrying out the “Qiankun Movement”▼◆…. Spare goods○=, storage, outbound, sorting, distributio▲◁. proteins important in pharmaceutical industry liquid collagen private labelPure collagen type ii chicken collagen grass fed how big is the protein powder industry!