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[liguid collagen]Original title: The Provincial Womens Federation held an election of the Executive Committee to produce a new chairman Li Jun attended and speaking on the afternoon of March 30▪□, Hainan Womens Federation was held in Haikou, Li Jun, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking The meeting conveyed the spirit of the National Womens Federation of the 11th Exercise Committee-•◁△, listening to the summary of the 201 of the 11th Executive Committee, and replaced the Provincial Womens Federation Committee▪•▪▽, and elected Li Yan as Chairman of the Provincial Womens Federation. Representing the Provincial Party Committee congratulated the President of the Newly Elected Provincial Womens Federation, Li Jun said full affirmation of the results of the Womens Federation of Womens Federation in the province. He pointed out that the current Womens Federation is facing a new mission. The provinces Womens Federations should strengthen political leadership, learn to learn to learn about the socialist thinking and party in the new era of new era with women and masse△◁▲=.

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Hu Jiefei) Precision Identification Demand-○◆☆, Intelligent Recommended Optimal Path; Different Sitting Houses Extracts Provident Fund Zero Materials, Online Office; Direct Settlement of Medical Tickets in the Direct Medical Tickets ●★… 27th Integrated development high-level forum, the Yangtze River Triangle …•”One Netcom” government service map officially launched, and in-regional residents ushered in more “same city service”. According to reports, the Changda Triangle “One Netcom” government service map gathers all kinds of government service places▪•, service matters, data resources, and coverage of more than 69,000 lines in Shanghai, Su Zhe-☆, Zhejiang Province. Four parts users pass their own government service APP (with the bid, Jiangsu government service☆▪◆●, Zhejia.

[Day] Digital Transformation: It can be data according to application thinking to push data value. Data aggregation, fusion, application▽▲, and excavation of massive data from “Wan Lang”▪◁…-, which are the most basic form of digital economy. At this year, there are extensive discussions on topics such as “digital transformation●◆○”, integrity levels, such as economics and society, and make people more profoundly recognize that big data “aggregation◇•◆” and network security issues to be strengthened for this purpose. importance. Guizhou attempts and explorations in these areas provide a very valuable reference for digital economic high quality development. Gathering•▽★, finishing, application, and big data value explore …▲”trilogy•…”. Stand in a ma▽•★.

Original title…◆: (environment) target lock! “Winning the Blue Sky Defense War Three-Year Action Plan▲●◆◆” is about to implement Xinhua News Agency, Beijing June 20 (Reporter Liu Shiping) Zhao Yingmin, deputy director of the Ecological Environment Department○●, held a policy routine blowing in the State Councils press office on the 20th, ◁◁”win win The Blue Sky Defense Three-Year Action Plan will be issued in the near future▼▪. The overall goal is that after three years of efforts, the total amount of main atmospheric pollutant emissions is greatly reduced, and the greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced, and the PM2.5 concentration is further significantly reduced. The number of pollution days, significantly improve the quality of the environment, and significantly enhance the peoples blue sky▲☆•. The Ecological Environment will be proposed in the three-year action plan prepared by the relevant departments●•◁. It focuses on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area, the Yangtze River Delta region, the plains and other areas, continue to implement the atmospher? pharmaceutical grade gelatin halal gelatin collagenGelatin wholesale la supergrappe des industries des protéines du canada vital proteins bovine collagen peptides,