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[animal protein industry struggle]Original title: Liu Qiangdong★▷: Dont succeed in business, make money□■▷○, the result is due to illegal criminals to enter [Global Network] The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference 13th Annual Meeting News Center on March 10◇■●, 2018 8 : 45 In the second-level multi-function hall of the two sessions of the New Sessions in Madia, the theme is to improve the level of protection and improve the peoples livelihood. Beijing Youth Daily, Beiqing Net reporter•◆: My question wants to provide Liu Qiangdong Committee. Now▼•◆○, many of our young people are incorporated into the ▷◁○●”Double Creative” big tide-■▷, but they have encountered some problems, such as difficult to find financing, hard to find venues, and difficult to organize their ideas and market docking. As a successful person of entrepreneurship, can you provide some methods and suggestions for these young people-□▲◁? Thank you. Liu Qiangdon!

China News Corpusted News: On the 27th local time, “Chunmian Action” was officially launched in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and more than 200 people have carried out the first agent in Wu Chinese citizens△●☆□. Vaccination. Ambassador to Uzbekistan was in the scene of the vaccination▪★▪…. Jiang Yan said that with the party center of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core very concerned about the health and life safety of overseas compatriots, always adhere to the people-oriented concept, and deploying the embassy of the embassies and consulates in various ways to help overseas compatriots During the national two sessions of the country this year, Wang Yi, China State Committee and Foreign Minister, announced that ▽○•”Spring” is implemented worldwid industrial application of protein purification protein bars industry!

Original title: This city is fighting: College graduates can receive 1000 yuan subsidies as long as they come to interview collagen type ii hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide! A few days ago=○▲■, in order to attract more foreign talents to Nanjing, Nanjing has developed young college students “Ningju Plan”, saying that foreign colleges and universities will come to seek jobs▲▷-=, will enjoy thousands of interview subsidies. So how to get a subsidy•▼? Foreign college graduates come to Nanjing interview to receive 1000 yuan subsidies yesterday, Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a rules pointed out that in addition, foreign colleges and universities have participated in the enterprise, private non-enterprise units◆★, social group interview, government The one-time subsidy will be issued for 1,000 yuan. It takes a certain credential when it is…▼, in addition to holding an ID card, diploma, has to hold the interview unit to cover the unit of the unit or the Ministry of Human Resourc○=◇.

China New Network Beijing May 26 (Chen Hang) Beijing Winter Olympics all venues will realize renewable energy utilization, all venues will use 100% green electricity. Because Zhangbei Function DC Power Grid Test Demonstration Project has been put into operation. The project adopts new technology in the world, and delivers the renewable energy in Zhangjiakou area to Beijing, fully meets the electricity demand for Winter Olympics in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. This is what the reporter learned from the press conference held from the Beijing Winter Olympics committee on the 26th-◁▼▼. Realizing the Low Carbon Objective of Beijing Winter Olympics June 23, 20○△•●?

Original title◇▽=☆: Members Feng Yuanzheng: Wearing Japanese military uniforms should cause patriotism education▽■○◁: Legal Evening News · View News Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Zhang Enjie) March 2, the National Committee of China, Beijing Peoples Art Theater Actors The captain Feng Yuanzheng◁◆, in the committee resident, “Two men wearing the Japanese military uniform to the Nanjing Zijin Mountain Anti-War Site) accepted the reporters interview. Feng Yuanzheng believes that men should be punished▽◁▽-. The police have legal basis for their punishment▲☆○. At the same time, the remains can prosecute people in accordance with the law. ◇▷-◁”I have a relationship with our education…◇○△. How do we cultivate the spirit of patriotism, how to cognition the war▲◆☆, how to cope with what is not touching, whether our moral bottom line, or a socie?Pectin manufacturer!