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About Us hard gelatin capsules,[industrial application of protein purification]Original title◁○□: Ministry of Land Ministry, Ministry of Finance, issued◆-▷: Land remediation of major projects implement award combination▷◇△, first-built awards Land and Resources Department, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice▷▼○=, decided to adjust the main project support policy for land remediation from 2018▽••, promote major Engineering construction is better able to play a demonstration leading role▷=◇◁. The notice is clear●•△, focusing on major engineering construction key areas, in the poor area○○□□, revolutionary old district, food row of food-▷□-, frontier★○□, ethnic and cultivated land reserve resources, continue to support local in-depth promotion of major project construction. In the depletion of the regeneration, it mainly supports the implementation of major projects in the poor area, the revolutionary old district and the frontier area=●. According to the notice, implement the reform of land and resources “put in service★▼△” reform and land remediation fund management reform requirements○-☆-, and adjust the major engineering support from ■●★•”first supplementation, and then built side to make up” adjustme.

Original title: Baby home Zhang Bao Yan▽▪: Volunteers dont have a penny, every day in selflessness, go home, pay attention to the abduction of children, seeking the relatives▪○•, using baby home search▼▷•◆, after registration, there will be volunteers one-on-one □=◇. Baby is going home to go to 11 years today, we have worked very hard, working late at night, 365 days without rest=●□●, there is no holiday○●▲, sometimes to endure all kinds of grievances, but also overcome various difficulties, still stick to it Every day, it will face a lot of parents who have been abducted and the desire to find their families, let me go-◆◆. Volunteers dont have a penny remuneration■•=, and every day is selfless○▼…. The child is a group that is the most attention to protecting the child is our society is also the responsibility of each of us. It originated from this kind of kindness in my heart. This is the biggest momentte. Forward, praise!

Original title: Zhang Huang Yuan Ren Qinghai Provincial Government Secretary-General, Wang Zhengsheng as the Secretary of Public Security on March 30▪▼, the second meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee of Qinghai Province passed the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government mainly The person in charge of the appointment, and the appointment is issued on the spot, and the constitutional oath ceremony is held. The Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Peoples Congress decided to appoint a list (the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth Peoples Congress of Qinghai Province, the second meeting of the 13th Peoples Congress of Qinghai Province◇-■-, passed by Huang Yuan★□=◁, the Secretary General of the Qinghai Provincial Peoples Government; Hong Tao is Qinghai Director of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission; Comrade Xieyuan is a long history of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology; Hui Hui is the director of the Qinghai Provincial National Religious Commission; Wang Zhengsheng is Qingh china pure gelatin gelatin raw materials trade gelatin buy!