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[is whey protein a waste product of the dairy industry]China New Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Pan Xu Lin) Reporter learned from the Zehua Enterprise Management Group on the 27th that 2020 ◁-“Zhonglian listed company value is worth=••◆” (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonglian Top 100”) list released in Beijing Among them○-•, the seafrobes are divided into the top of 89.56 in a comprehensive score. The list is launched by the expert research group of the Ziyun Enterprise Management Group. This is also released in the 20th consecutive year☆△. In 2020☆▷, in the face of unprecedented epidemic impact★•, the Chinese economy took the lead in achieving V-shaped rebound○▷■, and the overall A-share market is more powerful. Among them, Zhonglians top 100 has shown a more obvious advantage in the A-share market, presented three highlights: First, the profitability is innovative, c○▼▽▲.

Zou Wanyin△●, the original director of the Wenshi Data Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is seriously violated and disciplined, and it is expected that the Party Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The website of the National Committee of the Communist Party of China•◆□=, the NPC Commission, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission▷◁, NAP The former director Zou Wanyin seriously violated illegal issues to investigate investigations. After investigation, Zou Wanyins ideal belief▽••◁, the purpose of the awareness, no party spirit, fight against organizational examination Please try to take advantage of benefits, request, and acce.

The Ministry of Commerce is scheduled to hold a routine conference at 1st floor of the Ministry of Commerce, at 10:00 am, on March 29 (Thursday). The news spokesperson will post the focus of the recent business field○△•, and answer the media on the spot. Ask questions. The following is a text record: Peak: Dear reporter, everyone is good, welcome to participate in the Ministry of Commerce. Today▼◇-, I have two information needs to take the initiative to communicate. I. Relevant information on “2017 – 2018 China Department Store Retail Industry Development Report▲●”. Recently…▷■, the Ministry of Commerce issued the …▽◁◆”2017 – 2018 China Retail Development Report”▼○▼. The △=▷”Report◁•▪▲” shows that from the 85 department store retail enterprises in the survey, the development of Chinas retail enterprises in 2017 is obvio.Contacts!

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