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[hard gelatin capsules 5]Original title: Kuomintang member: If the Ministry of Public Entre, if the ◆◇”Taiwan independence” and the road hard work will be more and more narrow [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the Hong Kong “China Rating Agency” August 25, the President of the Chinese Huaxia Medical Association-=●, Su Qingquan, the Central Committee of China, Japan, recently talked about Taiwan and Salvador “Breaking”, Su Qingquan said that if the Ministry of Divine Party wants to engage in “Taiwan independence▼-…”, and the road is hard to dry, the road is definitely narrower▼■. Su Qingquan said that there are two people in Taiwan☆▲▷, one is to agree with a Chinese, namely the same one in the bilateral, agree with a family of bilateral destination. As for how to unify the two sides, how long will it take to unify it●■, it is the wisdom of this generation or next generation, but the prerequisites are to agree with a China; another person wants to engage in “Taiwan independence”■◇◆, this is definitely no market. The most important people in the ruling people n.

Original title: Southern Song Buddha is ▼••▪”destroyed repair○◁◆◇”▷□◁▽, dont put cultural relics into a “Grandma Temple” New Beijing News Review For historical sites, especially buildings, the internationally passageful repair principle is ◁□=”old and old•★•”, Maximize the original of the cultural relics=•△□. ▲ Netizen Weibo broke the news Mu Wei recently☆•■◁, a group of ancient Buddha statues that were repaired by “barbarism” have caused a small dispute on the network. The ancient=◆◇, the thick Buddha pigment has been brushed on a layer of paint△★▪-, and it is purple. Buddha statues original modeling, hair accessories, clothing, clothing○□★, and solemn feelings are also waters, and they are called ◁▲▼□”dismissal repair○▷” “Aesthetics”. Many industry people are deeply sad▼▼. Significant, the Buddha statues in this group are from the Anyue Grottoes and Guangan Jinfeng▽□■■. Sichuan Anyue is the current Chinese ancient Buddhist statue sit.

[Taiwan Forum] “Haipaine ten years is unlimited☆▷” The Ten Year Story of the Strait Forum, held the Central Terminal Office of the Communist Party of China, and the deputy director of the State Council, delivered a speech. (China Taiwan Network Yuan Chu photo) China Taiwan Network June 6th Xiamen News (Reporter Li Ning) Ten Years of Hairy Love Traveling on the Board, Top Ten Stories Touched to me. On the afternoon of June 5★◆, •▲☆▷”Deni Ten Years, Wonderful Unlimited” The Ten Year Story of the Strait Forum was held in Xiamen. The event is guided by the Straits Forum Organizing Committee, Fujian Broadcasting and Television Group□▽◁△, Taiwan Joint Daily Co., Ltd▼▽.△◆▷, China Taiwan Network☆…▷●, jointly organized, and the Straits TV■◇☆=. Ten of the narcottors from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, told the touching story of their own and the Straits Forum▼▲◇, expressing the perception and sentiment of the Strait Forum for ten years, for the Tenth Dai?Pure collagen ankur protein industries limited what is in gelatine,