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[récupération des protéines industrie]Original title○☆: The DPP said that the residence permit is “United Front◁▪▽-” National Taiwan Affairs Office: Smear is their natural overseas network on September 12th at 10 am on September 12, the National Taiwan Office held a routine press conference▽•▼△, spokesman An Fengshan For the reception of the Taiwan residents★=, the response of the relevant issues were conducted on the reception of the Taiwan residents. Central Radio and Television General Taiwan Guowei, asked the spokesperson. For the Taiwan resident residence percent, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party claims to be a “United Front☆●▽…” in the mainland, affecting Taiwan ●▷○★”safety□■▼-“, and is experimenting with the so-called …◆△”reverse Measures△◁▽. What is the comment on this? An Fengshan pointed out that the publication of Taiwan resident residence is a good thing to facilitate Taiwan compatriots in mainland China. We have introduced this policy to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Taiwan Wor?

China News Co -gency on May 28th (Wang Yuxi) No▷◁●◇. 28, the two-level peoples court of Hengyang City, Hunan Province, on the 28th, the first-instance public pronunciation of Shi Feng, etc◁-., the defendant Shifeng and other four people were sentenced to death It is reported that the case has been supervised by the China Ministry of Public Security, from 20 to 23 December 20, 2020, respectively, in the Hengyang Intermediate Peoples Court==-●, etc.△◁■☆, respectively★■▷☆, open trials. Among the 57 defendants, 43 members of the black society, and 14 non-organizational members. The court was tried◇▽◆■, and the defendant Shi Feng has gradually absorbed the defendant Wu Jianbao=◆▷-, Zhu Hongcheng▽★, Su Xuefeng, and Luo Yisi, etc.▷●, and implements a series of criminal groups in 199.

The city issued a policy to improve environmental monitoring data▷□, severely punish the environmental monitoring data. In September last year◇●○▼, the Office of the CPC Central Committee, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Deepening Environmental Monitoring Reform to improve the quality of environmental monitoring data-▪”=★●, requiring various departments in all regions to combine Develop specific implementations to advance the implementation. Today, “Beijing City Deepening Environmental Monitoring and Reform Improvement Environment Monitoring Data Quality Implementation Plan-=” officially announced. The program clearly implements interventions and records◆★■☆. The city environmental protection department can disclose the person in charge of the government; at the same time, it is necessary to severely punish the enterprise■▷◁, institutional and personal environmental monitoring data=◁. To achieve a illegal-▪, everywhere is limited. Sending false and prominent will be disclosed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the central governmen.

Original title○▲☆: Keep General Secretary to promote Jinggangshan spirit to take a new era ■■”Long Zun Road” as a good new era “Key Secretary” General Secretary Xi Jinping, the important requirements of the general secretary of Xi Fei, March 24 to 25◆☆□, province Secretary and Governor Liu Qi came to Jinggangshan research. He emphasizes that in the new era, the most fundamental work of Jiangxi is to guide the socialist thinking in Xi Jinpings new era-◁●▪, keep in mind the general secretary to adhere to the initial heart. Follow the general secretary to pay attention to the general secretary to revolution The red sincereity of the old district is transformed into struggle, and the general secretary is transformed into the vivid practice of the important requirements of Jiangxi. It vigorously promotes the spirit of Jinggangshan, and in depth, the partys 19th National Congress and the national two sessions. ☆▽◁”Long Zun Road”, when n?