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[industrial protein for bacterial culture]Original title: 16 people in Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 were trapped 3 people coma: suspected carbon monoxide poisoning boiling point Xinyang News (Reporter Zhang Wei intern Li Sen) At 17 ogiction, Henan Zhengzhou Metro No•★★▼. 5 Construction There are many coma phenomena in the construction site★-, and the Zhengzhou Fire Brigade released a report, and there were 16 trapped people, and 3 people were in a coma•◆□. The reporter learned from the Zhengzhou City Safety Supervision Bureau that workers were suspected of poisoning◇…, and the cause of the accident was under investigation▪◆•△. On-site video shows that there are many fire engines and two ambulances near the construction site, and people who are in construction work are raised from the construction site▼•☆. The nearby shop boss said that the incident was at 17 oclock=○▼•, where the site was constructed in the construction site of Metro Line 5, Zhengzhou Zhongfu Building. “I heard at 6 oclock in the evenin?

Original title•△: New face 25 Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection◇●, Director of the Supervision Committee on March 5•□■, more than 2,000 National Peoples Congress of the 13th National Peoples Congress will enter the Great Hall of the People, attend the opening meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. “Government” (WeChat ID=•▪: XJBZSE) noted that the Director of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the Provincial Supervision Committee of 31 provinces and districts were representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress▲■•▪. Previously△◁◆○, in the list of representatives of the National Peoples Congress, ■▷…”a family of two hospitals”=△◁■, the governor of the provinces (chairman, mayor) and the president of the Provincial High Peoples Court, the Provincial Procuratorate, generally representatives of the National Peoples Congress. If the leading cadres of the party, the Secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Minister of Organization▽◇▽△, and the Minister of Organization, etc.■=, there is less appearing in the list of representatives of the National Peoples Congress=▪▽…. Then, the National Peoples Congress, why 31 provinc○●▽.

Chinas new network May 27 (spring★▼▪, summer) African famous Nilagago volcano is again erupted on May 22, 2021, 2021, and the hot magma and strong harmful gases have brought great disasters to local residents. In the painting of the Chinese Youth Fairy Writers Zhang Hejun, the Niragono volcano eruption is a candy rain=●■■, and every candy is a dream of children. On the eve of June 1 Childrens Day◆………, the painting story created by the famous fairy tale writer Zhang Hengjun, ▽▲▪-“a candy rain” published in the Guangxi Normal University Press in the national childrens book market. For Figure 2016, a female reporter gave a local child two candies in Africa, when the reporter took a photo to the child, the chi▲▪◁=.

Original title: The third batch of self-employed districts will be released on the anniversary of the anniversary●•▽…, and there has been a new round of open open innovation list Zhejiang brewing commodity cross-border trading account, Henan exploration cross-border two-way RMB fund pool “Economic Report” The reporter has learned that the experience and case of the copied promotion of the copsenated privileges have been reported in the third batch of self-employment in my country. While experience will be proved to a larger range★▷◁, the third batch of self-employed districts have been preparing a list of tasks listing a new round of reform and opening up innovation▽-, for example, Zhejiang is brewing to explore commodity cross-border trading account●▷□; significantly reduce oil Industry foreign admission threshold★□●■. Henan explores cross-border two-way RMB fund pools…▲. Experts pointed out that the experience replication promotion of the self-trade area is, the dividend effect will be concentrated this yea.

Original title: Long-term settlement abroad, the domestic account will be mandatory? Going out of the country has become a fashion, and settlement from abroad has also become a lot of peoples choices. So, the problem is coming. Can I settle abroad for a long time▪◁○=, can I stay in the domestic account? If you dont actively log out, is the account will be mandatory? Especially in the first-tier city in the north, the household is really gold=■, knowing? This is not-…△, recently▷▪•◇, a news that ★◇▷”the green card personnel needs to log off the Shanghai constant households” has attracted many people concerned. In this regard, the Shanghai police released the news on the official Weibo on the 25th, and the new “Shanghai Full-Hand Account Management Regulations-★●” (hereinafter referred to as ••”Provisions”) will be interpreted on May 1st. Shanghai police official micrographs are coming▽☆! Interpretatio★◇. collagen pure supplier industrial chromatography of proteinsContacts collagen powder halal bovine collagen peptide turkey,