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[alr industries protein]China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Pangsuo) 28th, the third 03 star in the rail delivery ceremony is held in Beijing□▼, which marks the official delivery of satellite to Chinas natural resource departments. Resources No. 3 Successfully launched July 25, 2020☆◆■, is an important autonomous satellite data source for the Natural Resources Department as the main user. Its prominent advantage is that three-dimensional stereoscopic measurements can effectively obtain high-resolution three-dimensional image▼▼○, full-color multi-spectral image▲☆◆, and laser measurement data•○☆, significantly improve the 1…•☆○: 50,000 scale measurement and greater proportional geographic information update ability=●▲, for the national economic construction Fundamental data guarantee for social development. According to reports, resources 3 03 stars and in tra!

Original title: Woman is not the moon, there is also the suns light commentator article “Late River Shan Li, spring floral grass,” In this grass◁△▲, the beautiful season of Chunshan is expected, we ushered in the 108th “three eight△◁•” International Womens Day◇■…▲. Let us bless the majority of female compamenti, and pay a respect to every □…”she△△▼”◇◇▲. The degree of development of women is marked with the scale of human civilization. Looking back to the history of womens sports, awakening from “bread plus rose” rights, to the resistance of “male and female work”, from “Women are not the moon☆★◇▽, reflecting the glory of the man to illuminate the rational thinking-■▽” To the ◆■▪△”women can top half of the sky○▪▽”, countless women are liberated from the constraints, and many distant dreams have already tentacked□▷■=. This is comparison•▼■, “her for☆◇◆.

Original title■★: Shaanxi Shangluo Minzhong Bureau, a director is insulting and threatening reporter official notification: Visual China According to the Shaanxi Shangluo Civil Affairs Bureau, the bureau is reported due to reporter interview The words and deeds have been insulted. According to Beijing time report▼▽•▲, on March 28th▽△◆…, the Shaanxi Radio and Television reporter interviewed the Shangluo Civil Affairs Bureau, the bureau funeral management department▪☆, “Dog X”••, ■■▽”rogue=▼”=▲●, and wanted to pick up the stool Pulled by everyone■△…△. The video display of the network is displayed, and the insults will last 3 minutes and 21 seconds…◇◇▽. The chief is excited, and it is insulting and threatening the reporter. •△”You have made this.” You dont want to live◁-, “▽△▽▷, the on-site staff will open the department multiple times. The video ended the doctor said△★◆•, ▷△-□”I will take you today◇□-●. apple pectin for constipation gelatin sepharose Gelatin wholesale protein mfg industry terms what are collagen peptides bovine,