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[protein industry revenue]Original title□○: Tibet Autonomous Region Former Consultant Committee◁■••, Cao Xu▽▷•▷, Cao Xu△▪, died: In Tibet, I have 30 years of outstanding party members, loyal communist warriors▼•◇, Cao Xu…◆=△, who is a communist warrior in Tibet Autonomous Region (Enjoy the presidential medical treatment of autonomous regional government) The farewell ceremony was held in Nantong City on the 27th. Comrade Cao Xu was invalid because of the disease treatment, at 12◆▽□=:24■○••, 2018●★, Nantong City▲…◁, Jiangsu Province, died in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, and enjoy 93 years old. After Cao Xu came to the death■•, General Secretary Xi Jinping entrusted the staff to call the phone to express condolences○•-□, and the family members of Cao Xus family were kind and sent to the basket. Wang Yang, Wang Qi Mountain•◇▷, Hu Chunhua, Yang Xiaotai, Chen Xi▲■, Chen Quan, Hu Jintao…▽△●, Zhu Weiji, Zhang Dejiang, Li Lanqing, Wu Gu Zheng, Bai Madlin, Papala Grerangjie, Yang Chu.

Original title: The ☆□”Ecological Environment Department◇◆••” reflects the establishment of the top design Ecological Environment Department of Ecological Civilization. It is another profound change in my countrys ecological environmental protection management system and is an important top design in the construction of ecological civilization▷▽△▼. On March 13, according to the latest State Council institutional reform plan, the State Council will form an ecological environment, no longer retain the Environmental Protection Department◆☆•. According to the program△○, the State Council will form an Ecological Environment Department△■, and the responsibilities, national development and reform committees of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the supervision of climate change and emission reduction committees, and the supervision of the Ministry of Land and Resources to prevent groundwater pollution duties◁▷•. Selective port setting management◇▼☆★, rhythm water environment protection responsibility, the oversight of the Ministry of Agriculture guides the duties of agricultural pollution control◇◆★, the national oceanic bureau, the national government, the State Council Nanshi North Strugg!

Original title: Single Lee■●: China-US public opinion should not make the victory of the United States of the United States of America☆▽▽…, Meet▽=, said in the invictive Fox TV in the United States▲△◆, the United States and the United States have reached an agreement◁▼•-, agreed to stop the trade war. This is the additional clear information of the United States to stop the China-US trade warfare. In order to appease some of the radical US public opinion◁●▷, Mnchi said some if China did not abide by the promise, the Trump government has the right to releasten tariffs in Chinas products. Sino-US joint declares that there have been some complaints about the ▼◇▷”suffering” in China and the United States. Some hostages on the Internet have asked: At the beginning, our officials and mainstream media toughly expressed “never compromise”, but now I decided to increase the import of imports from the United States, and there is also in intellectual productio.

Original title▷◇…: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Government Work Report, “Reform”, the number of changes in the past years, what is the reform ☆…”list”□-◆? Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) Opening at 9 am on March 5th, the 13th National Peoples Congress opened, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a government work report■◁. The government work reports the head of the drafting group. Huang Shouhong, director of the State Council Research Office◇◆◁, introduced at the Press Office of the State Council this afternoon. The term “reform•●” in this year is 97 times, which is the most over the years. From the side, the party and the government have been determined by the party and the government to promote reform and opening up…◆▷. The reporter combed the governments work report found that at least involving 20 categories of reforms. There are both institutional reforms on national development, central and local financial matters and spending refor▲▷. wholesale collagen powder gummy gelatinPectin manufacturer hm apple pectin gelatin capsules,