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[protein supplement industry statistics]Four live APPs, four video apps, two social app this reporter test 10 App “Youth Mode” “Youth Mode□-○◁” can protect the minor? Near June 1, for the protection of minors○=•, the popular problem of public concern. In recent years, with the rise of short video and live broadcast, from pornography, violence, etc., the psychological problems of minors, to induce reward, recharge○△, etc. In this regard, the Net Letter Office urges the App to go online=◇, ■-★”Youth Protection Model”, but this model really does it work●☆△? In this regard, Beijing Youth Daily reporter tested the hot APP. Test half of the test APP tenden•▪!

China Exchange Network May 27th According to the ▽◇▲”European Times” compiled report▲•=, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported that Spain is one of the worlds most tourist countries, and the second largest tourist reception country. However•□◆, recent research institutions pointed out that although there are many Spanish tourists, the purchasing power is behind other countries. To this end•…, the Spanish Tourism Bureau said they will force an Asian tourists, especially Chinese tourists. Spains “Abbe” website reported that a report of Boston Consulting Group pointed out that at the purchase of tourists=▲▲, Spain is located in the worlds ninth=◁, than France•◇…, the UK, Italy ◆•…”high-end tourists=★.

China Communications, Nanning, May 26 (Huang Yizhen) China (Guangxi) – Austria (Burgenland) Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair Online online□▽•-, aims to deepen mechanical manufacturing, new materials▼=, LED lighting▷=◇, manufacturing◇…○▷, software development , Electronic information★◇, agricultural products☆▲○, all overgrowrs, etc. are pragmatic. This year is the 50th anniversary of China and Austria, this negotiation is hosted by the Guangxi Trade Promotion, Guangxi Board, and the Austrian Commercial Association. Guangxi has been closely related to Austria in recent years•▪▼◆, and local economic and trade delegates visited Austria in 2019, and I signed a group of cooperation agreements with Austrian enterprises. Li Changguan○……▽, the President of the Guangxi Trade Conceration••◁, introduced the next venue in Nanning□▽▪•, in China, is located in South China, Southwe difference between collagen and gelatin prepared foods magazine!

Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Two Russian women have not been detained or forced to prostitution in Yiwu [Global Network Comprehensive Report] August 3◁=▲★, 2018▽◁○•, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson hosted a routine reporter meeting, and there were reporters asked◇▼○◆, I I want to follow Yesterday questions. According to reports, 2 women from the Republic of Russia on July 27th arrived in Beijing☆□=•, with the aim of working in the restaurant. But the two were arranged to Zhejiang Yiwu “nightclub▪●□” work after arriving in China and was required to provide sex services. On the 1st, the Russian Consulate General said that the Chinese Yiwu police have rescued these two women, and they are currently solving their returning problems●◁◁◆. What comments do China Foreign Ministry▲◁◆? After a reflection, after this issue yesterday, we learned to the local authorities. According to the investigation of Zhejiang public security orga●▼.gelatin mw pectin gummy cooker keto collagen powder,