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marine collagen vs bovine collagen peptides – hydrysed t.[bulk pectin]Original title: two sessions Li Dai: Tax reform needs to consider family burden, significantly reduce the tax, the reporter, the reporter, Shan Hanxue, March 3, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference◇=, Director of China and the World Economic Research Center, Li rice In an interview with a reporter, a view was published on the tax reform. Li Dai said that the current tax is currently taxed according to the payroll, “this board is wrong◇○, because the income gap is not salary income, but other income.” He believes, “should put all income. The tax of taxes…-=△. ☆▽”” Reduces taxes and is currently a hot topic of this two sessions. Li Budai also suggested that ◁◆◇▷”considering the family burden, it is necessary to reduce the tax rate.★●•★” From the perspective of implementation, the tax reform =☆◆”should be used to use the local government, and the local government is inde.

Original title: Guo Pujia representative○◁••: China Air Force will will fly farther, more powerful★◇••, and better, and todays “record two sessions▼▷■” to record the National Peoples Congress, the Deputy Political Committee of the Central Affairs Battle District and the Air Force Committee of the Central Affairs Community Sound△★, please listen to the report of Junan reporter Ji Mengnan. [Ji Mengnan]●☆•▲: At the third meeting of the Peoples Liberation Army and Armed Police Force△○, you have made reports for the Chair, and the Chairman of Xi gave responded. What is your deepest feelings•☆? [Guo Pu School]★◁☆: I am the first time I participated in the National Peoples Congress, and I have the opportunity to report some of the situation of the Force to report the construction of the troops in the PLA and the Armed Police Force Delegation. I feel very honored. Through the important instructions of the Chairman of the Listening•△△, I feel the in-depth understanding of the troops, the deep thinking of the army constructi.

Original title•★▲◇: Changsheng biological name, 34 bank accounts are all frozen 2.8 billion investment projects New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Li Yunqi) On July 30, listed company ST Changsheng (Original Securities: Changsheng Biology The publishing announcement says that the company and the entire subsidiary of the company have all been frozen▲▷○•, the companys planned total investment of 1.6 billion yuan of raised funds and 1.2 billion subsidiary industrial park project have been suspended. ST is known, because the account is frozen, the company cannot pay the raised fund project and the subsidiary industrial park project, the waterpox vaccine rabie vaccine workshop technology transformation project, vaccine product research and development project, marketing network construction project▷•■◁, information construction project is suspended The subsidiary industrial park project is also suspende-▼★.

Original title: “I hope the trade war will never appear▲◆△” – US-China trade friction in the United States, triggered concerns about the US reporter chapters▷=▪-. The gap between the rich and the poor continues to brighten •○… In this context, the US government insists on provoking the war on the trade issue. Trade war “Mountain Rain”, market market is ups and downs, people from all walks of life in American politics◆◁▼=, merchants, schools◇▪★◁, and agriculture are deeply worried in the future, and the voice of the trade war is endless●▽. “When I am in China, my biggest feeling is that there are too many opportunities■▼■-” March of March…○•, most local temperatures are around zero◁▼•-. Located in the farm of Mai Wales, the reporter saw the gr-☆.