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[protein drink industry report]Original title◇◇: Shaanxi Xian Yanta District official website is now ★☆”Qi Qi replies…▲▷=” three people were dealt with Xian Yanta District: The official website is now “Qi Qi replies” three people have been dealt with the “glorious military•◁” matters, reply ▲•-◇”Go to Bank Upgrade▪○▲△”. On August 27, the reporter learned from the Supervision Committee of the Yanta District Discipline Inspection Commission in Xian, Shaanxi Province, because this “wonderful reply”, the specific responsible person of the website, received a warning☆●, the deputy director of the district government, was talked. At the same time, the deputy head of the deputy director apologizes. It is understood that at the end of July this year, a masses commemorated in the “interactive exchange” section of the Yanta District Government website, consult the “glorious military★▼▷” related matter. Originally a simple question▪=, I didnt expect the governments website staff◇★◁, but when they replied•…★◁, they replied, not marginal■▼★=. Among them●○, the most wonderful o◆◁!

Source: Changan Street△▲◆•, the original title: The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is on the night of the night. On April 1st, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is released late in the middle of the NATM: Wang Xiaoguang▽△□, deputy governor, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently accepting discipline review. And survey. Wang Xiaoguang is the national “two sessions” and falling back to fall, Changan Street, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews), introduced March 30, Colorful Guizhou Net “Guizhou Leadership Activity Report Set” column will Wang Xiaoguang resume from the “Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee” The withdrawal, showing that it is no longer serving as the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee★=△. Wang Xiaoguang was born in October 1961▼▽. Shandong Juye has studied at the Guiyang Normal University Sports Department. After graduation, he left in Guizhou△▽, and served as the deputy mayor of Guiyang, the Standing Committee of Guiyang Municipal Committee◇▷□, Secretary-General=…■◆, Zunyi Ci.

Original title: (Education) Beijing Primary School will realize the after-school service “Three half-half after full cover” Xinhua News Agency Beijing August 23 (Reporter Hu Hao, Zhao Wei) For the “Three Points 3:30 after class•□” Puzzle, Feng Hongrong, deputy inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission★▽-, said on the 23rd that Beijing is planning to provide three-point-compared class service after three oclock in the citys compulsory education section△=◇, further increased education resources◁=▪▷. At the Press Conference of the Ministry of Education, Feng Hongrong introduced that in the form of “Government Buying Social Service”, the school provides students with post-class service for students, and the time is not less than 3 days a week▷=▽△. No less than 1 hour a day★◁▲□. Since September this year, after class▲▪, the service is intended to be extended to 5 days a week, 2 hours a day-◇. For a long time, due to childr=▷. china pb gelatin hyperthermophile fusion proteins industry

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