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[instant bovine collagen peptide]Original title: Duck Blood Pump Soup Regulation Standard Application? Nanjing: Studying Duck Blood Diversion Soup, which is the most authentic△-? Recently, Jiangsu Nanjing Food and Drug Administration responded that the local standards of duck blood powder soup are still in research★◆. The Nanjing Catering Chamber of Commerce is preparing for its application▼★★•. Responsible Editor-◇=○: Zhang ?

Original title: China passengers who took the Nepalese passenger plane confirmed the victims, and the three Heavy Industry Regional Manager took a passenger plane in Kathmandu in Nepal on March 12. Xinhua News Agency Map March 12, a passenger plane containing 71 people fell out of the runway and triggered a fire☆◇, and the Nepalese police confirmed that at least 49 people were confirmed. Among the list of passengers, there is a three heavy workers Zhang Ming. Before the incident■★●▼, they have confirmed the boarding (see “Xiaoxiang Morning News” on March 13th.)•◁◇▼. According to the press release issued in the evening of the 12th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Bangladesh, 22 people were rescued◇▽■, but there were no names of Zhang Ming-☆◁. On the afternoon of March 13, the reporter learned from Sany Heavy Industry that Zhang Ming was unfortunately killed. Zhang Mings colleague Liu Zhong sent a post in a friend circ?

China News Co -gency on May 28th (Wang Yuxi) No. 28, the two-level peoples court of Hengyang City○◁●▼, Hunan Province■□=•, on the 28th, the first-instance public pronunciation of Shi Feng, etc., the defendant Shifeng and other four people were sentenced to death It is reported that the case has been supervised by the China Ministry of Public Security…▲, from 20 to 23 December 20, 2020, respectively, in the Hengyang Intermediate Peoples Court, etc., respectively★▷☆☆, open trials. Among the 57 defendants, 43 members of the black society=…▼•, and 14 non-organizational members★○◆. The court was tried◇…▼◆, and the defendant Shi Feng has gradually absorbed the defendant Wu Jianbao○△, Zhu Hongcheng, Su Xuefeng, and Luo Yisi, etc., and implements a series of criminal groups in 199▷….

Original title: Beijing currently six severe pollution will now expect sandstorms in Beijing (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) According to the live situation of Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, the current Beijing air quality has reached six severe pollution. The meteorological department forecast shows that the cold air is gradually increased tonight◁▷, and the weather will weaken. However★▲▷•, there will be Sands in the local place△▼, and the first pollutants will be PM10, mild pollution tomorrow (April 3)◁•. At 10 oclock in Beijing■◆★▷, Beijing PM2.5 concentration (micrograms / cubic meters) showed that the city is 285, the northwest is 232◁•, the northeast is 285, the southeast is 235◁○=, the southwest is 269, the pollution level is further up yesterday, all districts The air quality reaches 6 severe pollution levels. The Municipal Meteorological Department said that there is a moderate to severe exhibition in Beijing in Beijin?

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center was scheduled to hold a reporter meeting in the Multi-Film Merfunction of Meiya (Saturday) at 15:00 on March 10 (Saturday), and invited the Director of the State-owned Assets and Assets, Peng Huang, deputy secretary general•○▷, and spokesperson. The relevant issues of enterprise reform and development have answered the question of Chinese and foreign reporters▪■△◇. The following is a text record••: Legal Daily Legal Network and Legal Daily News client reporter=▽•★: We pay attention to this years government work report, deepening the reform of national-owned capital investment operations, to give more autonomy. I would like to ask, how should we accurately understand more self-sovereignty◆▼, so-called =◇”more” two words which include what specific measures will be taken next to the next State Ascension Commission or to establish Mechanism to ensure this need to repo.Pure collagen!

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