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[gelatin industrial]Original title: Liangshan State Target: At the end of this year, Wuhu ensures successful creation of national 5A scenic spots recently•-■, Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture held a Class A scenic spot creation work meeting, summarizing the creation of the whole state scenic spot◆◇▷•, and arranges the deployment to create a target task. The meeting clearly creates the goal○●▲-: At the end of this year□=, Wuhu ensures successfully created a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot; the His Mountain started 5A creation and completed resource reviews within the year; the meeting is the site, Su Nihai seizes the provinces red tourism construction year. Opportunity-△…▼, ensuring successfully created 4A scenic spots★◇; Zhaojue Valley Clee strongently 4A scenic spots●▼; he will be drain◆▲◇•, and East Old Junfeng starts 4A creation work▽=☆. Wuhu Status Successfully created 9 years of national 4A Scenic Spots, the popularity and reputation of Wuhu Scenic Area have been further improved. In 2016, the scenic spot received 890,000 tourist■▽◇.

Reference fast comment, Washing, ordered the investigation “new crown origin”, what is the heart▲■◇? Reference Message Network reported on May 27 (Text / Xiangyang) US President Bid 26 issued a paper statement, he has ordered the US intelligence department to report the origin of new crown viruses within 90 days to clarify the new crown virus is from human and infected Animal contact•=, or from a laboratory accident□★•…. Biden also said, “The United States will continue to cooperate with the same-minded partners around the world to urge China to participate in a comprehensive, transparent and evidence-based international survey, and provide all relevant data and evidence▪•.” The US move is obviously in China△-. For recent time, the interpretation of the new crown is again in the United State▼◇!

[Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Just in the US White House quarrous to announce the results of China 301 survey, and the United States lost its old case in the WTO (WTO)■…▼▪. According to the announcement on the 21st of the Ministry of Commerce, the World Trade Organization announced the report of the Groups Office of the Office of the United States, the United States, the United States, the report▪▪•=, and the decision of all 11 anti-subsidies involved in the United States violated the WTO rules. The Ministry of Commerce is reported that in May 2012-■=•, the Chinese side made a number of counter-subsidy measures taken by the United States to China to resort the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. These include copper paper=★-, solar panels, seamless steel pipes, etc., with an annual export volume involved in about $ 7.2 billion=…△. Solar battery board is self-visual China to yesterday◁△, the WTO final ruling all 11 involveme.

Original title▼•●■: Delegation: Kindergarten security can not rely on the camera strictly put the advice of the teacher on March 16◁△, the Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng in the Ministry of Education, pointed out that each child can enjoy fair and quality education •◁●”reporter meeting=□, 2017 In the year■●, my countrys aged childrens hair reached 79.6%, and there is a certain gap between 85% of the 2020 kindergarten hair in the garden. Moreover■▼-•, early childhood education is unbalanced, not sufficient, facing huge challenges. There are many vulnerabilities and weak links in kindergarten◆…, and it is urgent to solve. The key to cracking kindergarten is not that the camera focuses on strict the entrance of the teacher, recently◆○●, the Kindergarten Teacher of the Furong District Peoples Procuratorate in Changsha City, Hunan Province. From January 10th to 12th, 201○-■-.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Museum Director Wang Chunfa: TV shows is not the only way to live in the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and Wang Chunfa○…-…, a director of China National Museum, is accepted. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yujing Xinjing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) This morning☆○, in the National Political Consultative Participation…●○, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Chinese National Museum, Wang Chunfa☆▪☆◁, said in an interview, “If the national treasure will speak “The▷▷” National Treasure “TV show, not the only way to make the national treasure live, the road is a large road to Rome, should have a better way to make the cultural relics in the banquet. Wang Chunfa introduced that there is a huge gap between the collection and exhibits of each museum. Taking the Forbidden City as an example, there are 1.8 million pieces of collection▲■◆, and it is really not 1%●••▪. Guo Bo h. cell culture for industrial production of recombinant proteins gelatin clarificationPectin manufacturer marine collagen powder wholesale collagen pork,