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[0.1 gelatin]Original title: The party committee of the Insurance Regulatory Commission: Unconfiliation Implementation of financial regulatory agency reform decision decision deployment March 14 “, Conveyed the spirit of the State Council Institutional Reform Program considered by the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress, and research the implementation of the financial regulatory authorities. Comrade the Party Committee agreed, resolutely support the central governments reform decision decision▲△▼, and resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the Central Committee on the reform of the financial regulatory agency■▼, and resolutely do current supervision with strong sense of responsibility☆=▪. The meeting pointed out that we must deeply understand the significance of deepening the reform of the party and national institutions, and the flag is clearly supported by the central government○=. Deepen the party and national machi?

Original title••◇○: A peasant conflict in Yongshou County, Shaanxi Province death. Afterwards, the Party Secretary of Ganjing Town, deputy secretary of the town party committee☆…●, and the head of the town were dismissed from the place. On April 5, Yongshou County Government announced in its official website•▽. On April 4th, Bengji Village, Ganjing Town, Yongshou County, had a conflict with people in Zhou Zhou and people in Yongshou County. The doctor died after being rescued•●. The notification shows that on April 4th, after the 110 command center of Yongshou County Public Security Bureau◇□, he immediately organized police officers and surveyed the survey of the event▪□◁★, and has filed investigation. Yongshou County Party Committee county government attaches great importance to the rapid settlement of working groups=◆★◇, and do a good job in incident investigatio.

Original title: Expert Interpretation of national defense growth: China military budget world second only reasonable [Global Network Military March 6th, Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan] ▽■-•”2018 Chinese national defense fee increased by 8■☆●☆.1%”, Chinas annual defense budget announced on the 5th There is no big trick▪■, but some international media still have turned the cold meal of “China Threat▷▽”. A number of Chinese experts interviewed by the “Global Times▲•◁☆” reporter is generally expressed in the 5th, as the worlds big country, the Chinese military budget ranked second very reasonable in the world◁■▼●, not the worlds second acquitted★△●•. Chinas national defense expenditure is not high on March 5, China Treasury is pointed out in the “Report on the 2017 Central and local budget implementation and 2018 Central and local budget-=”, 2018 Chinas national defense expenditure will gr.About Us separated size 3 gelatin capsules china best gelatin powder,