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[collagen nitta gelatin]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28th (Du Cheng) 28th, Chengdu National Artificial Intelligent Innovation Application Priority High-end Summit was held▲•◁. Chengdu National Artificial Intelligent Innovation Application Pilot Region announced its unveiling, thereby officially entered the new development stage of “double-wheel drive” in the national new generation of artificial intelligent innovation development test areas and national artificial intelligence innovation applications. According to the construction of the national artificial intelligent innovation application for the national labor intelligence innovation, Chengdu will realize the size of the labor intelligence industry in 2023 to exceed 80 billion yuan, and put forward the strengthening of the core technical research, to create a demonstration application scenario, implement …■△▪”artificial intelligence + medical \ financial \ SME” Demonstration application engineering and other tasks●-□. National artificial intelligen★○…▽.

Original title: Chinas spine industry in China is a disaster? On the 3rd local time, the US government announced the directory of Chinas imported product lists that they were about to levy, thus putting this round of the “China Trade War” picked up by the US government into a more dangerous second phase◆▽☆★. China imported products that will be levied by the United States include from [semiconductor], [lithium battery]-•••, [flat-screen TV] to [Medical Equipment] and [Aircraft Parts] and other [1300]□◇. The most eye-catching is that many American media have said Chinas high-tech manufacturing products account for the most proportions in this list-■. And this also shows the US governments trade war for us▪▼, not just Trump claims to punish •◆○▽”Chinese stole!

Chinas new network Changchun May 28 (Reporter Lu Shengnan) =◇•◆”The quality of water environment in Jilin Province has achieved the best level.” Sun Tili, director of the Ecological Environment Office of Jilin Province, said. On the same day, the ecological environment system of Jilin Province had the largest scale, the highest, and most widely launched law enforcement work training in Changchun◁▼. Data show that in 2020, Jilin Province focused coal, boiler, straw incineration▽▪●, river sewage, hazard disposal, monitoring and fake, etc. Among them, the administrative penalty case was 940, fined 27.1 million yuan●▪▽. In the past year◁▽=, problems such as medical waste, medical wastewater treatment treatment for key are.

Original title: Rui Reference Not usual today△▲• alr industries humapro tabs protein matrix formulated for humans bloom gelatin! In addition to Kim Gen, these foreign leaders “line up” come abroad – the first day after the small holiday, the big news is constantly•★•. Among them, it is undoubtedly the third time in the three months of the highest leaders in North Korea. According to Xinhua News Agency, June 19th to 20th, Jin Zhenghe=☆, member of the Democratic Party Committee of the Korean, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, visited China. In fact, these two days come to China, not just North Korean leaders•△. Since this week, China welcomes the President Bolivia, President Papua New Guinea■△, the French Prime Minister=▽●▪, Prime Minister of Nepal, and the senior officials. ▲ Nepalese Prime Minister Orliness○■, such as netizens▲=▪▽, said that is not in China, just come on Chi.

Original title: The central bank of this country is Chinas construction fish collagen peptides powder organic! Copper wall iron wall, impeccable wholesale fish collagen peptide granule Contacts.! In the banknotes of Kuwait 5, the construction of the construction is the new headquarters building of the Central Bank of Kuwait, and the building of the building is the Chinese building. This is the large-scale project built by China company, which is printed in the Thailands local currency••. The large-scale project built by Chinese company is once again connected to the local circulation currency as a landmark building. Kuwait Central Bank New Headquarters Building: “China Construction”, •▲▽”China Construction”, is deputy manager of China Building Central Bank Project. He took 2 professional workers to the central banks new headquarters building in the center of Wit, conduct routine maintenance☆△. China Architectural Employees Li Wei: Kuwait is going to be in the long summer, and the cooling machine of the air-conditioned machine room will be fully loaded. and ▲●•….