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[use pectin powder]Original title: The first active retired Ministry of Defense News spokesperson is now going to be a teacher! …○☆•”The aircraft carrier is not otaku, it is impossible to always be in the military port△▼.” Remember this “Golden Schola●▽○” of “National Defense Day-…▷•”? This sentence comes from the National Defense Regulations for the April 2013. At the meeting, there were reporters asked the situation of Chinas aircraft carrier far-sea training: “There is report that Liaoning ship will choose the machine, and foreign media speculation may be trained in the sea area of ​​Diaoyu Islands or Okinawa, can you confirm this news•▼? ■■”At the time, the spokesperson gave an unexpected answer:” As for the next step in the aircraft carrier, there is an old saying in China, Haikong, the sky is high, the aircraft carrier is not otaku. It is impossible to always pend it in the military port★△□▼, ?

The original title British media surprised: How did Chinas opponents become the biggest beneficiaries in Asia? According to the British “Financial Times” report, although China India has been quite nervous in recent hours▼▷-◇, India has become the biggest beneficiary of Asian infrastructure investment banks initiated by China. Since 2016, India has enrolled in a quarter income of the Siago banks. In the sub-investment banking for $ 4.3 billion in the construction of Asian infrastructure, more than $ 1 billion will be owned by India. “The Financial Times▲●” report screenshot “although China India is tense★★▲□, India still benefits from the Ya Tour••,▽▲” Surprising in the title of the article is overflowed in the title. The article said that at the beginning of the founding of the Asia△▼, India didness is one of the earliest supporters. However, in recent years, the size of China is rubbe.

Original title: The central government is adjusted protein in food industry industrial application of single cell protein pectin mixer! The happiness of tens of millions of people◇★=, focusing on these 20 words. Chinas reform has entered the 40th year, and there have been huge changes in urban and rural China…▪△☆. However, with the rapid development of the city◇△★★, some of the low-income, high pollution▼△★, hollow, and other issues faced by some rural areas have become increasingly highly high, and a piece of short board in a comprehensive construction of a well-off society has also triggered some peoples confusion. The 19th National Congress of the Party presents a rural resolution strategy to depict a new future to the countryside. Implementing rural resolution strategies■◇▷, we must firmly adhere to the basic business system of rural areas and ensure food security, which is the two basic principles of peoples livelihood and stability•…. Under these two basic principles, the rural resolution strategy “industrial is prosperous○◇=, ecological livable, township civilization, effectiveness, rich life,” th.

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, on May 27, the first plenary meeting, the first plenary meeting, held in Beijing on the 26th■▼•■. The Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee▲▽=▷, Vice Premier of the State Council Han Zheng hosted the meeting and speaking. The meeting conducted in-depth study and implementing the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping=◁★, implementing the Party Central Committee=▼, the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central■☆△▽, the State Council decision-making☆•☆, and considers relevant documents, and research and deployment. Han Zheng said that my country strives to achieve carbon-up peaks in 2030, 2060, to achieve carbon neutralization, is a great strategic decision made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Realize carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization, is the internal requirements of sustainable development, high quality developmen.

Zhongxin◁◆◆….com reported that the Russian satellite network reported that according to the “Separation” experiments in the Satellite News Agency, the Russian astronauts use the urine water recovery experiment system in the international space station in 2019-2020▽□…, and has been prepared by more than 171★▼□■. Limited water for processing food and drink○=. Data Map: Russian astronaut Oleg Artemyev and your colleagues Anton Shkaplerov is playing football in the international space station▽★•. Image Source: Osports full sports media copyright work is strictly prohibited to report★▼, SRV-U-RS system (Russian urine water recovery system) in April 20?Gelatin wholesale what is bovine hide collagen peptide,