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[how much is the protein supplement industry worth]Original title: 2018 National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference=▪•: Cultivate enough family doctors is the big problem for the new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) today (March 10), the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Three reporters will be held in the center of Madia. There is a reporter question “How should I enhance the construction of the grassroots health service system?” Liu Yucun•▼•, deputy secretary of the National Committee of China, Liu Yusun▷○, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University□□, responded that cultivating enough family doctors is currently an urgent problem to be solved. Liu Yucun said that in the 1950s and 1960s, the media said that we ▼○”lack medical little medicine”. At that time, the government did the top design■▲-, vigorously enabling a lot of hospitals, solved the problem to a certain extent, but still left These keywords have been ◆◁○△”difficult to see a doctor△☆▷, see you◆▽△●.△▼” The hospital covered by the big city is already enoug.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) A study released on the 27th of the University of Bristol, England•◁, said that women who smoke during pregnancy may increase the risk of congenital heart disease. The international team led by the school has conducted detailed analysis of relevant maternity and health data of more than 230,000 families in Europe▼□▲•. The researchers evaluated the effects of mothers physical quality index, smoking, alcohol intake on the risk of future generations in congenital heart disease…★. Relevant results have been published in the “Magazine of American Heart Society”. The results show that children who have smoking during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from the priority heart disease. Research also found that wom!

Original title: The salary of the high tube has a monthly salary of 25,000 to 1200 lawyers◁★★=: Compliance with the Voice of China ■▼•☆”News” report. A few days ago▽•, there were media reports, and Mr=○□. Yushang is a large customer manager of a US logistics company in Xiamen, has worked for 24 years. One medical examination 3 years ago▽◆◇, he was diagnosed as liver cancer, hospitalized month, when he saw the wage bar▷■○, only 1200 yuan, this is the salary during medical treatment. Since the original monthly salary is 25,000 months☆▼△, this makes him a huge gap▷-. I. Mr. Ke, corporate, legal compliance, is not aimed at the interview with the person in charge of the company in Xiamen District, said that the company pays wages and legal compliance based on relevant regulations☆■△▪. Mr▽…. Ke☆●▷: “The salary of 1200 yuan is like th■★. how long does it take for gelatin to set jello collagen contentPure collagen enteric coated capsule protein supplement industry in india,