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[jello company][Wang Yi: “China Threat Theory” has a new release, but it is more unhappy] Foreign Minister Wang Yi◇▲: ●•”China Threat Theory” has a new release, but it is more unhappy-▲. China is the main contributor of global economic growth◆••…; China is the main contributor of global poverty reduction■-; China is still the main contributors of world peace. For these facts□•, as long as there is no prejudice, do not pursue a double standard★▪★, which is never threatened, but a full opportunity. The so-called “China Threat Theory□★★” can take a break. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor•=-●: Liu Longlo▼▽•-.

The Yangtze River and Jialing River integrated two rivers and four-shore “Chang Jiahui City Session Living Room▷○◇☆” is one of the new business cards in Chongqing 6 city. Located in the towing area of ​​the city session, there is a point in diameter 1.5 cm, which is the “zero kilometer” of Chongqing Highway▷●▲▷. Here is the reel of the Chongqing painting. People from all over the sky, can be in the mountains, take a cruise ship◆▲◇, sitting on the cableway, or standing in the riverside of the weak•=■▼, seeing this “city of landscape, beautiful land=▽◁▲” layer. Here is the origin of the Chongqing blueprint. Looking forward to the history of a city☆▽…◁, just like listening to her telling my own growth story. Chongqing is the birthplace of Hongyan spirit■●, and it is a national six major old industrial industry built during the “May Five◇◇” perio▪…△•.

China News Network Xining May 28 (Reporter Zhang Tianfu) On the occasion of the International Childrens Day, the special food donation ceremony of Phenyltrinone urine disease in Qinghai Province was held on May 28th□○▽, the organizer▪▪, the organizer The public appeals to the public to pay attention to these natural “pickupers•◇△” and reduce birth defects▲•. Phenylketone urine is reduced by phenylalanine hydroxylase in the human liver, abnormal phenylalanine metabolism○○, phenylalanine and its metabolites in vivo accumulation, damage to the nervous system, ultimately leading to the decline in intelligence. If it is well controlled…■, it generally does not affect the development of nervous system and the natural life. Zhao Chengmao, Dean of Qinghai Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that according to three age groups, this time will donate to 130 childr.

China New Network on May 27th▼▪=, according to the Chinese Embassy WeChat public number, May 25, the British National Combat Crim Current Administration (NCA) released ◁◇”2021 serious organized crime national strategic assessment report”, focusing on network information The crime of fraud is currently highlighted in the UK, severe, criminals using the Internet to seriously organize crimes, fraud crime☆▽-, etc. Please be vigilant and effectively prevented in the English Chinese citizens. First, what is “Network Information Fraud Crime▽▼▪”△△◇? Network information fraud crimes refer to crimes that use network and telecommunications technology for fraud△▼☆▽. “Telecom fraud●◁” includes telephone fraud and SMS fraud, refers to the use of all kinds of communication tools, Internet platforms, borrowi?