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About Us![difference between gelatin and collagen]Original title●☆•▲: Director of the National Peoples Congress●■▷-, Xu Yanhao, deputy secretary of the Party Group of China Association: Science and Technology=▷, the potential of science fiction▪…▲▼, is too small “Our work is to serve you these science and technology workers.” March 6th, a meeting in the 13th National Peoples Congress After the groups group▲…•○, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Science and Technology Association, Xu Yanhao, secretary of the Secretary of the Chinese Science and Technology Association, and secretary of the Director of the School of Information Medicine□□-, Electronic Science and Technology, exchanged business cards=-=…, and the two National Peoples Congress exchanged business cards, agree to continue to exchange time☆■. “Our Association is the organization of science and technology workers.” Xu Yanhao told reporters that in his work, one is to organize scientists and scientific workers to create a better environment and work atmosphere, and solve some difficulties for them. problem. During this year☆▷•, Xu Y★☆ protein purification in industry protein industry sales!

Original title: Xu Shaochuan Ren Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee member, Standing Committee Guangxi Daily△★●, March 27, the central government approved, Xu Shaochuan Ren Hui, member of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region★=●•, Standing Committee. Source: Guangxi Daily Client According to the official website of the State Administration of Safety, Xu Shaochuan, male, Manchu◇▽…, Hebei Fengrun, born in July 1963●★, June 1984, Joined the Communist Party of China□▲▽, participated in September 1982□◇. Graduated from the School of Management Science and Engineering, University of Petroleum University▷▲••, and graduate degree. September 1979 to September 1982, Tangshan Agricultural School studying; from September 1982•▽, in October 1983, he served as Secretary, Agricultural Technician•●☆•, Yangguanlin Township, Fengrun County, Hebei Province; ?

Original title: In 2017, the average daily exposure of sexual assault cases, nearly 60% of acquaintances△☆, according to China Voice ☆•□”News” report. In 2017◆▼◆, many sexual assaults for media exposure triggered social attention. Yesterday, the Chinese Junior Childrens Culture Art Foundation Girls Protection Fund released the 2017 sexual assault case statistical and anti-sexual invasion education. According to the report, children who have been reported by children from 2014 in 2017 have been greatly increased in 2013, which reflects that children have been severely affected by sexual assault, and also reflects the attention of the society from all walks of life. Studies have shown that due to the many factors▲▼, the sexual assault cases are difficult to all public reports and statistics, and the disclosed cases are only the horn of the iceberg in the actual case. How to strength.

China Xinwang May 27th•…, according to the Nanning Municipal Health and Health Committee website••◇-, when 0-24, 2021, there was no new diagnosis case, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections in Nanning, Guangxi Province▼△△◁. A new investigation of the close contact of Guangzhou cases (concentrated, observed-=, nucleic acid detection is negative). At 24 oclock on May 26◇◇○-, Nanning City had a total of 56 cases of confirmed cases=•, and cistecited 56 cases▷◁▪; 1 case in which no infection infection outside the country…◆=, 22 people with close contacts were concentrated in medical observation [Edit: Yu Xia 100 bovine gelatin bovine collagen peptide manufacturers!

Original title: 86-year-old Party Party Committee deputy secretary, former vice president•◆•, Xu Tingguan, the first secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, the former vice president, the former vice president□◇▼…, the original president of Nanjing University Alumni Association●=, March 5, 2018 At 17☆★◇◆:10, Nanjing was unfortunately died of illness, and the year was 86 years old. Comrade Xu Tingguan was born in Jiangsu, 1932, from September 1953 to August 1958•○, he studied in the Geography Department of Nanjing University. In March 1955, he joined the Communist Party of China. After graduating, he was working in the school, and he served as a department in the Department=●★. Director, Department of Deputy Secretary of the Party■◇▪-, Department of Deputy Director, etc., in 1983, served as Vice President of Nanjing University, and later served as deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University. Retired in September 1996◁…★☆. Xu Tingguan comrades have worked hard in teachin.