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[breakfast bar protein bar industry]Original title▪△: New Secretary▽▪☆, Beijing 4th District, the secretary of the Secretary of the Bureau■-◆☆, the birth of the new district party secretary of the 4 districts of Chaoyang District, Shijingshan District, Shijitou District•◆, Shunyi District. Specifically: the secretary of the Changwang District Committee of Chaoyang District, the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Committee◇-, Shi Ji Shan District Party Committee, Tongzhou District▷▽◁…, Chang Zhangli, Ren Menggou District Party Secretary, Shunyi District General Gong Peng You District Party Secretary…☆. Previously, Beijing has three district commissioners secretary, and the second district party secretary is even. In January of this year▷▲, Wu Guiying, secretary of the Chaoyang District Committee=●…■, Xu Guying, deputy governor☆-△, is among the depth of Hunan★△□; Shi Jingshan District Party Secretary Niu Qingshan is elected Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal CPPCC•◇○, Changping District Party Secretary Hou Junshu is elected as the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Director, the two parties and the secretary of the District Party Committee. In March, Shunyi District Party Secreta.

Original title: Shanghai “Killing Wife Cabinet Cabinet◆•■△” will once again opened again on the 23rd Boiling New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) After the first time I opened more than 8 months◆●▷, the Shanghai “killing the wife, the IR Cabin case “Will be opened again. The official website of the Shanghai Senior Peoples Court showed that the wife, Zhu Xiaodong★○▷-, who was intentionally killed▼•■▽, will be held at 9▲▽▽△:30 am on August 23 and opened in Shanghai Second Intermediate Peoples Court. The Beijing News has previously reported that on October 17◆▼▼, 2016, the 29-year-old Shanghai man Zhu Xiaodong■■, in the family dispute, holding the wife Yang Yipings neck, leading to Yang mechanic asphyxia. After killing his wife, Zhu Xiaodong wrapped Yang Yipings body with a red bed◁▽▷, put it at the bottom of the freezer in the home■-▽, frozen for 105 days. In this 105 days▷□▼▪, Zhu Xiaodong passed his wifes mobile phon.

Original title□•☆: Weekend national warmth next week, when the temperature is ridiculous▽=▽-, China Weather network news is expected to be present today (31st)◇☆•…, most of the country is unanimous, and the highest temperature in the central and eastern region is generally 20 ° C, and it is full of spring▷○▲★. Weekend. At the beginning of the next week△▼★, the temperature was large▼=-, and a lot of local temperatures rose next Monday to the highest point. But before and after April 3, strong cold air came, Henan, Shandong accumulated cooling rate up to 20 ° C, the public Please pay attention to the approach forecast, increase or decrease the clothes in time. The heating temperature penetration weekend next week■△, the temperature is rushing to fall back Huanghuai cools 20 ° C Recently▪…=▷, the weather is warmed□★■☆, Qinghai Lake ushered in the lake season. (Source: Xinhua Net) Yesterday, the central and Huanghuai in the Northwest China had a wide range of cooling●▷. Monitoring shows, eastern Qinghai, Zhongnan, Gansu…=★●, Ningx.

Chinas new network client Beijing May 28 (Reporter Li Jinlei) RMB on the US dollar exchange rate into the 6.3 yuan era▲■. Recently…◆=◁, the appreciation of the renminbi also triggered the high concern of the financial sector. In the 7 days of rare 3 times, what signal is released? RMB to the US dollar exchange rate. The 6.3 yuan era is coming to the appreciation of the renminbi. On May 28th, the inter-bank exchange rate is: 1 US dollar is 6◁▷◇.3858 yuan, and the last trading day increases 172 basis points, and in the age of 6.3 yuan. In addition, on the banks of the RMB on the US dollar exchange rate▲••, the offshore RMBs exchange rate is already at 6.3 yuan, and the offshore RMB has a sudden exchange rate of the US dolla.