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[plasma protein biotherapeutics industry]Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional Expo, Lin Zheng Yue, welcomes the Legislative Council on May 27th through the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill” (“Bill”), describing this is to ensure that ▲▪▲☆”Patriot Governor” is ensured Time to significant sign. Lin Shi Yue said: “The political chaos in Hong Kong in recent years fully explains the vulnerabilities in Hong Kong election system○★, which makes the opposite chaos, and enters the Political system of the SAR, which seriously damages the Hong Kong constitutional order, endangering national security and hindering governance. In order to block the vulnerability, the chaos, the National Peoples Congress (National Peoples Congress) passed the decision on improving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System on March 1!

[Yu Minhong: Focus on the education of left-behind children and migrant workers] Yu Minhong, member of the National Committee of China Check=▽▪, etc. Yu Minhong said that the proposal is to pay attention to the education development of left-behind children and urban migrant workers○▷▼△. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Liu Guang.

Original title=★△: 2 village cadres in Henan Province, were revoked in the party=☆★◆: relying on the grabbing to determine the poor households ★•”Shuihe Town is actually taking the poverty, this seeming fair fact is harming the peoples interests□△△. The practice should be resolutely correct … “Recently…△•◆, the rectification of the Yushi County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission did not act as a question•★•▪, and the head of the county discipline committee was notified in the field of poverty alleviation▼◁•, chaos. Typical Case. Not long ago▼▼◇, more than 10 people arrived at the Xi County Commission for Discipline Inspection, reflecting the poor households in the horizontal village of Water Slope Town, identified by grasp△△◆★. After receiving the reflection, the county discipline committee supervision committee immediately conducted an investigation. After investigation, July 2016◆▲◆▽, when the secretary of the village, the secretary of the Village, the party cadres took a grasp of the ☆◁”poor household” and reported to the poverty alleviation offic. hydrolized collagen gelatin mixtureGelatin wholesale.

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