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[plant protein industry value]China New Jingwei Client May 27th (Yan Shuxin Intern Sun Danning) How to spend nearly 30 yuan in the takeaway platform△◇, may be simply heated by the cost less than 5 yuan•-▲, and this The cuisine package may be done a year ago. Will you still feel that it is fragrant? Recently▼▲, China New Jingwei Client Survey found that some take-away merchants were saved, cost, etc▽▽▼◁., choose to use semi-finished cupping to replace it. These cuisine is rich, and each package is 3-10 yuan, and some of the shelf life is as long as one and a half years. The package supplier tells the new Jingwei client, the use of the cuisine has become a common phenomenon in the takeaway industry△…◆, and consumers cant eat at al?

Original title◁▲: Northern large-scale “gas shortage” mystery announced the Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Yan Jian) ​​What is the root of “gas shortage▷○•▷” in the north of my country▽••? On the 17th, China Gain Science and Technology Development International Forum was held in Chongqing unveiled the answer…▼○=: At present▲◇◆, there are 25 gas storage libraries and 11.7 billion cubic meters of gas storage capacity▲■▼. According to 2017, the national gas consumption is 2●…•.30 billion cubic meters, compared to the ▷★▲-“natural gas sellers construction and sales supporting 10% of the natural gas salesman”, the annual peak gap is close to 50%…△●. Zhao Zhengyu▪=▪, chairman of the China Petroleum Society▪▲, said in the opening ceremony of the forum▪…●=, underground gas storage has an irreplaceable role and obvious advantage in peak and safeguarding air supply…★•. my countrys gas storage in China has been leapfrogging in recent yea.

China New Network Beijing May 27th (Liu Liang) How to develop green financial services from China in China? The 272th banks insurance industry routine press conference was held in Beijing on the 27th. The relevant representatives from Fujian, Tibet and Shenzhen introduced the relevant situation=▷•. Fujian: “High-quality▪☆” plus “high quality” Fujian is the first national pilot province, the national ecological civilization test area of ​​the country. Jungle, Director of the Fujian Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, said that Fujian will straighten the national ecological civilization test area to reform the first advantage☆=★▷, with green financial ink Fujian landscape, help the “high quality” and economic development of Fujian ecological environment△▲◇▪. Recentl! whey protein industry acid gelatinContacts empty gelatin capsules size 0 liquid gelatine,