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[weight loss coffee collagen]Original title: For public welfare protection to create a ◁★○▽”safety valve◁◇□” – ​​Zhang Xuexu, deputy inspectors of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, on the two sessions of the country just closed▷◆, the procuratorate filed a reform of the public welfare litigation system, and the representative member was a bit like. The procuratorial public welfare lawsuit has achieved initial success▪▷□, but there are some problems to be solved. How will this reform will continue to deepen? How to strive for more understanding and support for the public, administrative organs, etc▷▪…▽. on prosecutors? The reporter interviewed Zhang Xuexi, deputy director of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. Reporter•●☆: The highest inspection work report mentioned that in July 2017▷-◇, the national procuratorate has been filed 10,925 cases of public welfare litigation cases, most of which are cases in the field of environmental resources, especially in the field of food and drug safety★▪•◇. not muc.

Original title: These three plants have the first time with famous grape ginger flowers in China and the Joint Kiography of 3 plants have been found=…★◁, named Kachin Tianma, Na Miamei and grape ginger. In 2017, in the field survey of Burma, the Southeast Asian Biodiversity Research Center, the Southeast Asian Biodiversity Research Center▲▪•, Chinese Academy of Sciences, found a dark brown storm aneu plant in the tropical rainforest of the Valley, and the study was confirmed as The new species of Tianma is named Kachin Tianma according to its origin. Dendrobium is one of the biggest genus of Lanke◇○◆. It is approximately 800-1500 species▷☆…, mainly distributed in South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia, including Philippines, Borneo…★, Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Myanmar has been recorded to Dendrobium Plants 129 . In China Myanm-▲=.

The Beijing News (Reporter Wu is) ushered in the first small peak of the Tomb before the Ching Ming Festival yesterday. According to the citys Ching Ming Festival headquarters, on March 31, the citys major cemetery reception sacrifices were 5.83 million, up 15% year-on-year△▼; the motor vehicle was 113•▽▲●,000◆▽•, up 24.2% year-on-year. Since the major cemetery sweeps the tomb, the citys Ching Ming Festival Command is called on the public bus travel. Changqing Garden held an ecological burial collective sacrifice activity yesterday 10 oclock in the world, the 2018 Beijing ecological burying ceremony ceremony ceremony is located in Chaoyang District, the ecological life memorial Memorial Plaza was held. More than 1▼△,000 representatives of the family representative of the past ecological funeral and the centers of China◁◆, the citys social welfare Affairs Management Center•◇▪☆, and more than 1,000 news media reporters participated th.

Original title☆▲: During the Qingming period, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway will shocked the secondary road Xinyang News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) March 31 to April 8th■••, this year, this year, the Qingming Festival sweeps the peak day-▼. The reporter learned from the city transportation department yesterday that it was free from the high speed ( From April 5th to 7th) and the peak peak of outing, the peak of the peak of the peak is 8:00 to 11•☆, and the surroundings around the cemetery are prone to congestion▪△▲•. The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau said that the peripheral roads in some cemetery will take temporary traffic control, and the public can choose to wind according to the prompt information. According to the Municipal Transportation Committee forecast, during the “Qingming■○” period this year, the annual traffic volume of the toll road in the city will break through the highest value of the holiday history (253.32 million) in the May Day holiday (253.32 million)◁-★, reaching 25.5 million, compared with the same period last year (23●○★.877 million) The increase is about 7%. Single day traffic summit is expected to crea.

Liu Qiwei▷◁▽○, a resume▼●, male, Han nationality, born in January 1953, Anhui Susong, participated in the work in September 1974, joined the Chinese Communist Party, Jilin University National Economic Plan and Management Major▲•◁, in-service graduate degree, economics Masters degree▲○◁…. He is currently a vice chairman of the 19th National Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. 1968 – 1972 Anhui Susong County Coach Jinba Brigade Liu Hou Production Team, Jinba Brigade Party Branch▷▪, Demonstration Secretary☆◇●…, 1972-1974-•▷, Anhui Normal University History•-○, History●●, Department of History, 1974-1977 Anhui Province Secretary of the Secretariat of the Office of the Anhui Provincial Party Office of Anhui Province 1980-1▽○.