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[21st century japanese fish collagen nano peptides]Original title◁★▽: The emperor is not urgent, why is some Chinese to sign a self-trade agreement for US Europe? After the Chairman of the European Commission, Rapting US President Trump issued a “joint statement”◁=, some of the media from the media quickly said this is the “Free Trade Agreement★•▪□”•▪☆, and the two sides guarantee the zero tariffs of the trade. Said Memoram form a new trading zone. Some people have a variety of cheers, all kinds of intimidation. What is cheering? Tell everyone, he is not a noisy, his baby is good▽○★. What is intimidating•…■◇? Tell everyone, the folks, come out to surrender☆★, you are surrounded=▼. In the global trade war▽…, there is actually Chinese people stand out for the opponents call to persuade=…, so many netizens believe that China is now four sides, falling into the circumference. US Europe “Free Trade Agreemen.

Original title: Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway First-class special fare will increase the second-class fare unchanged this morning△▽, Beijing Evening News reporter confirmed from China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway will be May From the 28th★▽☆▲, the price of high-level Siki and the second-class seat will be adjusted★★☆□. After adjustment, the first fare of Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Station will rise from 65.5 yuan to 88 yuan=▽; the special ticket price will rise from 93.5 yuan to 99 yuan. However-▪◇, this fare adjustment does not involve Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Second Suit, Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Station Second-class fare is still 54.5 yuan. Previously◆▼•, the China Railway Corporation issued news that on May 27, 2018, the railway transportation enterprises will be based on the price laws and regulations▪◆, and further considering the difference in travel comfort and operating cost.

Original title: [Exploration] This city is super cool, go out to take a mobile phone, all over the place is ▲□■-“black technology”•◁▷○! Mobile payment, e-commerce, smart community★••◁. Today, digital has penetrated all aspects of peoples lives. At the First Digital China Construction Summit★▲◆=, many Internet companies also said that big data□=, cloud computing, etc○●. will be more intelligent from peoples clothing and food and housing. What experience is living in smart cities? CCTV Financial reporters deliberately experienced a ▪■◆”digital life●△▪◆” of ordinary people in Fuzhou★☆◇. Reporter experience○▷: In this city, you only need to bring your mobile phone▽▼• cap and shell gelatin capsule! The ○•▷■”self-service platform” CCTV Finance reporter came to the community office hall of Fuzhou••…, where there is a digital device. Previously necessa industrial protein for feed collagen in korea custom collagen!

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 27 (Reporter Cui Lin) “Zhang Wei took the western region, Tang Xuan Xi Xi Xi took the scrub, Marco Polo was in the Central Plains, all left historical footprints in our Jiayuguan○•★▲, and creating a” messenger ▽□=○” The business brigade is running•◆●. •■■”Jiayuguan City Deputy Mayor Yi Yunying said on the 26th, will be staged on June 28th in Jiayuguan · Guancheng Scenic Area, Bailu Cang Performing Arts Center■◁★☆” Tianxiao ★◇◁◇”, fill The local cultural tourism performance is very important for improving the experience of tourists, enriching the tourism state, and the prosperous tourism consumption market is very important. On the same day▲▽▷, Chinas first side of the poetry drama “Tianxiong” was held in Lanzhou. It is understood th.

Original title••: Openman has a true scenery (bell) “Peoples Daily” (March 26, 2018)◇…◆, the tide of the tide, and the hands of the red flag flag. However•-▲, in this way, open open-minded momentum and brave, can make the wind and unlimited future trade protectionism★=◇▼. Recently, a round of round, the United States launched a large-scale critic tariff attack on imported goods, released the tension of the major trade war in the global market, and those who were as the economic “barometer☆■△” stock market quickly turned into the market-△, and destroyed the market value, Impact confidence. It is indeed the moment of anti-global anti-wind, and the high wall of the protectedist is erected, and the foreign media has issued =★…”the world to enter the top of the snow” era “▽•△. People are asking▲◇, some countries have encountered their own developme•=.Gelatin capsule,