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[whats gelatin]Original title: Russian media: Chinas digital economic scale ranks in the world, the second part of GDP□●◇•, the proportion of GDP is more than 30% of April 12△○, 2018●○•▲, the audience visits at the first digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition•▷. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang Reference News Network reported that Russian media said that in the first digital China Construction Summit, -=□▪”Digital China Construction Development Report (2017)” pointed out that Chinas digital economy is 27.2 trillion in 2017 RMB, accounting for 32.9% of GDP, ranking second in the world. Russian Satellite News Agency quoted China media report on April 23☆•■, ◇…◆…”Digital China Construction Development Report (2017)” was released in Fuzhou, held in the first digital China Construction Summit. The report pointed out that digital China is a new er.

Original title…◆: “Post-third after 70″ Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee According to the public information◁◇•, Gu Gu Gull was born in December 1969, Shenyang, Liaoning◆•▼, before he served as the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the party group of the Provincial General Administration, and Chairman. ■▪”Government” (WeChat ID: xjbzse) noted that, recently, the original Shandong Provincial Committee deputy secretary, Wang Wentao, secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee, has taken deputy secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, and the executive governor. Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gull, Male▷=▼, December 1969, Manchu, Liaoning Shenyang■▼, CPC Party, Postgraduate, Ph.D., senior engineer. 1988-992 Shenyang Normal University Biology Department; 1992-1995 Shenyang Agricultu◁-△!

Original title-▼: Jiangxi Shangrao strongly promoted the reform○◆, ensuring that the citys firecrogen in the whole city is 100% in the city. Jiangxi is being strongly promoted in the funeral reform. On April 15th□◁, Lefeng Town, Shuyang County▷◁, Jiangxi Province, held a green funeral reform site promotion meeting▲■◁, concentrated destruction of local promotion of more than 600 副 木 from the villagers in the villagers, “Two excavators heavy Boxing homework will be uniformly put on the coffin on the square, and the funeral habits of the local thousands of years have also been smashed-▲. “The same is April 15th, Shangrao City, Taoyang County Taoyuan Street East Railway Station Ni Aizhi▲◇•▼, the union of the neighborhood committee, took the lead in signing the relocation agreement○▲★, and took the lead in moving the grave along the county 353 National Highway, infecting the masses in actual action. Under her influence△◇○, Taoyuan street is a morni…□. protein engineering in food industry is gelatin and collagen the sameAbout Us proteins in food industry collagen peptides near me,