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Contacts collagen peptide drink,[jelly collagen]Original title★•: The PLA fighters wrapped around China Taiwan United States and jumped out “opposition” The F-16A fighter and the PLA bombardment of the Liberation Army-6K photo. (Source□-▲: Taime media) Overseas Network May 13th Air Force spokesperson released news, Air Force organized eastern△▪▲●, southern theater air force collaborative action, dispatched bomber, and the reconnaissance machine wrapped around Fei Taiwan cruise. The Su-35 fighter fleafully and the Bombing-6k fighter formation fly over the bus strait and realized a new breakthrough in the island cruise model△=▲…. Instead of accident, the United States jumped out to “oppose”•▲•. According to Taiwans “Mid Electronic News” 12th▷▪•□, the US State Department spokesman is called, “the United States opposes any one-piece surface to change the status quo◇○, including force or other form of stress means☆-○▼.●◁◆▼” The spokesperson also said, “both sides of the strait■◁•, stab.

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, May 27, the CPC Central Committee held the World Marxist Political Party Theoretical Seminar on the 27th of the Communist Party of China. General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping went to the seminar to Congcheng Xin▼▪, General Secretary of the Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party Central Secretary and other multi-party political party leaders wonly resisted by writing or video•▷▷. The Marxist party leaders and the relevant departments of the central and state organs and the relevant departments of the central and state organs participated in about 200 participants in the relevant departments of the 48 countries and regions△▪. Song Tao, Minister of China, said that the Communist Party of China adheres to the basic principles of Marxism to China, and constantly promote Marxism China, Times, Popularization, and founded in the new er?

Original title▪△: Foreign media: “Tibet Oil Government○▽■” was ▼■▼”cold” in India [observer network comprehensive report] “Tibet Oil Government■▲•□” is increasingly “cold” in India. Following India, the Tibetan and Dalai Lama held a commemorative “60th Anniversary▪○▪•” rally in the capital, New Delhi, the Dalai Lama visited Indian Xinsons trip was canceled, and the “Thank India◆□◁△” event last Saturday also was “arrived from New Delhi” “High Dallanala, Indian high officials are also prohibited from participating in the authorities. According to Reuters on April 1, “Thanks to the India” event was originally planned to be held on March 31○▽△, and finally transferred to a remote small town Dallana▼◇. According to reports, India is trying to avoid conflict with Chinas explosions. Reuters reported screenshots According to the New York Times○★, Indias foreign minister Swara anti aging collagen! geliten native path collagen