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[lentil protein industry]Original title: 15 years ago, the United States used this trick to let Iraq …◆”disappear”-■-, is it good to China? On June 11th, the United States abolished the resolution of the “Network Neutral Case” officially entered into force. The bill passed by this Obama has only “survive-◇” for three years. This is a “self-study▼◁-” in the other side of the ocean●◇▼▲, but it has recently brushed the screen of Chinas network. This is because the circulation of the argument: Trump cancel the “Network Neutral Case” is actually legalized to China. This inexplicable “legend▪=” continues to ferment★…, bringing great confusion to people. Is there any ability to give China “break network”? What is this △▪”Network Neutral Case▪-▽”■●, why is the two US Governments around it? Du Shu has brought two articles today, talking about these t.

After the end of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the fifth chance of meeting●••, held a grand constitutional oath ceremony●■.新闻 新题: Peoples Net Assessment: Peoples Net Assessment: Constitution sworn for the rule of law China injection of spiritual power Su Wei is just after the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, held a grand constitutional oath ceremony. This is the first time, the constitutional swearing at the National Peoples Congress since the Oath System of the Constitution. The oath is solemn, and the vows have elderly in the Great Hall of the People, which highlights the respect of the swearing to the authority of the Constitution. The responsibility of the country and the people have no reluctance▼○▪•, and more reflects the spirit of the Constitution=▷, the rule of law civilization in the socialist system of the Chinese characteristics▼★▪. Breaking the soil in the soil, flowering results◇-●. Ten of the party in 20.

China New Network Beijing May 26 (Lin Shixiong) The 3rd Straits Cross-Strait Association Association – “The Yuan■□” of the “Tea★☆” is held in Beijing on the 26th. More than 80 people from the 12th communities and tea companies in the two sides of the Taiwan Straits▽-■, including tea industry, and tea culture in the next line. The exchange will be a series of activities of the Cross-Straits Association Association, from the Chinese Teacher Association, Beijing Tea Association, Beijing Straits Cross-strait Folk Exchange Promotion Association, Beijing Middle Road Public Welfare Foundation and Taiwan Tea Export Industry Association, Taiwan China The Tea Culture Society is jointly hosted. Bai Wenxiang★○•…, president of Beijing Tea Association, pointed out in his speech, China =△!

Zhongxin Net Harbin May 28th (Reporter Wang Nina) Harbin Customs issued a message on the 28th▷•□, 654 Tail Imported Japan Koi, after isolating quarantine, settled in Heilongjiang★-, which is the first batch of Japanese koi in the first batch of imports this year★•△. On the 27th▲…◆★, the Ice City Customs in Harbin Customs entered into the Isolated Quarantine Regulatory Manual of Koi, verification of drug use and epidemic prevention records, etc=◇●▪. In the field★□▽▪, the clinical status of Koi in the field▷▼★, confirming the health of koi. At this point, the batch of Japanese imported koi successfully completed 30 days of isolation and quarantine supervision, officially entered the Heilongjiang. =■▼”This year, new crown pneumon gelatin 200 bloom powder unflavoured gelatin powder high quality collagen!

Original title: Outline New Central Bank President March 9th, 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference in Beijing Mei Di Center, the relevant issues of vice president of the Peoples Bank of China Answer the question of Chinese and foreign reporters. China News Agency reporter Fu Tian took the 65-year-old to 70 years old, Zhou Xiaochuan really retired from the President of the Central Bank, and the receiving member of the banker of this world is finally settled. For 5 years, the outside world has guess the people of the new central bank governor, but when the vice president of the central bank yesterday, the director of the China Foreign Exchange Authority was nominated, and the outside world felt that everything was unexpected. Just as Zhou Xiaochuan, a typical scholar official “Easy President is warm▼▲■□, and he has no shelf, you can listen to different aspect.Pectin manufacturer soy peptone extract,