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[industrial application of single cell protein]Original title: Fu Hua is served as Guangdong Propaganda Minister▪△, has launched the highest level of media summit on both sides: Changan Street•◇, the latest news, the economic daily newspaper chief editor☆●▷, Fu Hua-•-, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee■□, Propaganda Minister. Before the Chief Editor of the Economic Daily…▼▷, Fu Hua has served as the president of Beijing Daily and the Director of the Chinese Commercial News Agency-▼▽▪, and has a wealth of media work experience, and as a vice chairman of the Chinese Corporation. At the same time, he has many years of party and government work experience. In the early years, he has worked in the State Council SAR Office, and the State Council is rescheduled▷■◇, and it is adjacent to Beijing, serving as the deputy director of Hshan District○▼○, Xicheng District Office; In 2010, Fu Hua was served as deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee▲◁, as a deputy secretary general of the Beijing Municipal Committee after one and a half▽▲◁-. Fu Hua in 2014, Fu Hua is served as the president of Beijing Dai◇☆?

Original title: Village small sports or mathematics teacher teaches the National Peoples Congress representative: Directional training and recruiting rural teachers cover news reporter Tian Xue 皎 然 李秀江 Beijing Photography reported on March 5, just started, Sichuan Yaan City The Second Middle School of Yucheng District, Yaan City, celebrated, as a representative of the National Peoples Congress, the most concerned about the structural lack of rural school teachers.庹 明明, 2018, the governments work report also proposed to develop fair and quality education. Promote the development of urban and rural compulsory education, education investment continues to tilt into difficulties and weak links▽-◁. “I have confidence in rural education, and the government work report” Let everyone have equal opportunities. Through education to change their own destiny, the dream of life is not an empty talk•★◇☆. “For the purpo.

Original title△▷: Seven question problems vaccine is not flat, one wave of work. After the fake falsification of rabies vaccine production, Changchun Changsheng creatures were trapped in ☆●□”潭○•◆▪”. On July 20th, the Changsheng Biological Announcement said that the wholly-owned subsidiary did not meet the requirements of the “Bai Bai Broken” Vaccine “Test” items, and was required to punish 3.44 million yuan. The market reflects obvious, after the incident, the long life creature continuously 5 decreased off plates, and the market value evaporates about 10 billion yuan●•☆•. The event is confusing▲▪•, the China New Agency is a seven issues that are most concerned about throughout the train. Q1. What is the impact of rabies vaccine production records? On July 15th, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Changchun Changsheng Biological Freezing Man used rabies vaccine to produce record fake and other violations of the ◆○•★”quality management of drug production▲▽”☆△◇…, and sa?

Chutian Metropolis reporter△★▼•: I want to ask questions about Liu Limin●◆▽▼. my countrys left-behind children and mobile children have reached 100 million, and their education is concerned. I would like to ask Boh, you think how the governments, schools, and families have to play their respective roles to ensure that they accept fair and quality education. In addition, how to make the financial funds related to compulsory education ◁-●”money come” truly to each child? Thank you. Liu Limin★•☆: Thank you for your such a love. Because you pay attention to a group that is most worthy of attention★★-, this is during our modern construction-◁□•, there are a lot of migrant workers into the cities, whether left-behind children, or their children•□☆▷, they are the children of migrant workers. Their parents have made our socialist construction, and our government should take hi▲•! hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides type i and iii protein automatic pectin and gelatin two colorAbout Us marine collagen powder drink trends in protein industry,