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[properties of jello]Original title▪△: [Secret] ••”send money to send account◆△★” in secondary cities? Behind the madness, but exposes these big problems. 2018 graduation season is coming again. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education▼■-, the 2018 national college graduates are expected to be 8.2 million, and they have a new high history. However, more than 20 cities such as Xian, Nanjing, Wuhan have been introduced in a series of talents to introduce policies, sending houses, sending money, sending accounts, and policy intensity◆★•■. Behind the madness, what kind of anxiety is these cities? For urbanization, is this a development benefit? For more information, please pay attention to April 15 21:45 CCTV Finance ●○■”Dialogue” – Question about Chinas urbanization! There are multiple consideration opportunities behind people in various cities, and they are indeed a lot of big cities, especially the core cit○▽◆.

Original title: Dharmacy Sword of Dhakeley★●•◇, Zhengzhou Police announced the latest progress in the case today (May 12). At 4:30 in the morning of May 12, the police salvaged a body in a river tunnel near Zhengzhou City. At 10 oclock in the morning, the police reported that the DNA sample completed the identification◇=☆, the deceased was indeed the suspected ferrous Liuhua, the case broke. Even if the police announced the case, there are still many questions that have not been given. Yesterday◇-, the drip disclosure said that the account account was attributed to the suspect father•□▷. The suspect is illegally borrowed with his fathers windmill account. But in this morning▷▷, Liu Zhenhua said to the Beijing News report that he did not register the dripping and windmill account△-▽. According to Red Star News, Liu Mouhua got drivers license in December 2017■•, and drippi.

Xinhua News Agency○▪-○, Beijing, March 10: Strong Rule of Law, Changcheng, Xinhua News Agency-□…, ★…”To adhere to the rule of law□○, oppose corporate”, “leading cadres should be guided…•”. On the morning of the 10th, General Secretary Xi Jinping was in accordance with the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Chongqing delegation was constructed•▲◆, and the combination of law and the implementation of the country were integrated according to law●▽, and the focus creating a good political ecology. How to talk about the legal treatment of leading cadres, and the Jinchen proposed clear Claim. Do a good job in all aspects, there is a good political ecology. The political ecology that has formed a wind and purification is clearly political•△, resolutely maintaining the political requirements of the partys central authority and centralized leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core○-▼. It is a constant strictness, promoting the comprehensive development of the party. Emivation needs=□, is to forge fine party-style political style, ensuring the goal of reform and developme.

On March 6, the National Peoples Congress representative Chen Jingyu accepted the exclusive interview-=▼. Chen Jingyu is a vice president of Wuxi Peoples Hospital, known as Chinas “Lung Transfer▪▲★▲”. ” Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing took successive 2016●○, two will propose brain death legislation☆▲▷□. This year, the National Peoples Congress representative, Jiangsu Wuxi Peoples Hospital Vice President Chen Jingyu once again proposed -●▽”Brain Death Legislation”. For the =★”brain death legislation…◆▼”, there is no statement of the masses, Chen Jingyu said that five thousand patients have donated their brain death, and brain death legislation is not the foundation. In addition□▪, Chen Jingyu also suggested separation of dustpulmonary disease diagnosis and occupational disease identification. •◇◁★”Dust pneumosis must be used to identify occupational diseases, but dust pneumosis is not in time to make effective diagnosis will delay the condition□◇. If dustpulmonary disease is diagnosed and occupational disea.

Zhongxin Net Yingkou May 27th (Reporter Qiang Xu) On the 27th, the deputy mayor of the Yingkou Municipal Peoples Government Notified the Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference held in the local government, 021, 2002-15 At 24:00 on the 26th, there is no new case in Yingkou City. Up to now, 10 cases of incurred cases in Yingkou City, 6 cases of asymptomatic infections, 3 patients discharged from the hospital for rehabilitation treatment and medical observation in Dalian Public Health Clinical Center, other patients still have a centralized treatment center Dalian Center to treat, good condition Jin Li said that Yingkou City■▷▽●, the risks closed controlled squid circles○◇■…, the Yihai Fudu community, Yahaifu Community□★▼, has no new cases for 11 consecutive days=▽, and Xiongue Town◁◁, Xiongue Town, Yuefu Communit. collagen sleeping taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology a Pectin manufacturer bovine collagen peptides purity ultimate collagen making jelly pectin,